One of Nintendo’s two new special edition Pokemon themed Nintendo 2DS XL’s has a nifty little Easter egg that most Pokemon fans will appreciate…somewhat.

The Easter egg is on the PokeBall version of the device, which has a Pokeball in front that is actually clickable like an actual PokeBall.

You can even press it down, but the button, unfortunately, doesn’t have any actual function. It won’t let you throw PokeBalls in any of the games nor will it let a Pokemon spring out from your 2DS XL, so it makes us wonder why they even made it pressable.

Granted its still a fun little Easter egg to have, but it would have been nice if it actually did something. The Nintendo 2DS XL will set you back USD$159.99 (about RM676) but it doesn’t come pre-loaded with any games so if you want to pick it up along with Pokemon Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon, be prepared to shell out extra.