Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will be sporting some special Pokemon forms of their own, with the first being revealed to be Lycanroc.

Lycanroc’s new form is the Dusk Form, which looks like a regular old Midday form but orange and with a standing up mane.

A lot more Pokemon are set to get a third form, which in typical Pokemon fashion will get you to collect the game, if you’re really hardcore into filling your dex.

However, it hasn’t yet been revealed how exactly you can pick up Lycanroc’s new form. Previously you could evolve it from Rockruff into it’s Midday form in Pokemon Sun by evolving it in the day and the Midnight form in Pokemon Moon by evolving it at night.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are set to drop 17 November on the Nintendo 3DS. Expect a brand new story to come along with them, as well as new Pokemon to catch!