The long awaited Portal game has finally emerged from the nether; as a collaboration between Valve and Cryptozoic Entertainment to bring us turrets, portal and lots of cake.

Debuted at this year’s Gen Con, the $49.99 (about RM 193) board game named Portal: THe Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game is bundled together with a Steam code for Portal 2 out of the box. The game basically is a modular board game and you’re trying to kill the other test subjects, all for cake.


Test chambers are aligned in rows of three on the table and players take turns moving their test subjects around the board. The main goal is to have the majority of subjects in a room when it falls off the right side of the board so the human contents get “recycled” and you earn action cards and slices of cake. The chambers are then flipped over to reveal new rewards. Action cards allow you to make special moves with said test subjects or to place things inside rooms, like a turret or maybe a Companion cube around the board.

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The game is apparently quite fast paced and brings to life the humour that made Portal so memorable. Of course, the entirety of the set smacks of the game’s artwork and the box looks like it was squirreled away from Aperture’s own labs after languishing for decades.


The game apparently has been in production for quite some time but Cryptozoic is pretty sure that fans will love the game. We don’t know when the game will be released but it shouldn’t be too far off since it’s pretty much ready to hit the market.

So what do you think? will you kil…er experiment for the sake of cake?

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via Polygon

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