Billed as a The Office style comedy in the world of DC Comics, Powerless has a trailer circulating online, but no official, HD release from NBC. Why NBC? Why?

From the footage we’ve seen, Powerless isn’t shy about announcing its DC universe roots – from showing images of Superman and Batman to the insurance workers debating whether Wonder Woman is a god or a demigod for the purposes of disbursing a claim. One frustrated character claims she ‘wants to nail Aquaman so bad.’

The trailer gleefully shows off the show’s tone – after a superhero saves a train car from crashing, its disgruntled inhabitants grumble when the masked heroine doesn’t put it back on the tracks so they can be on time for work – and cameos include a magazine cover featuring Lex Luthor looking every inch the capitalist fat cat

Apart from Alan Tudyk getting to chew the scenery as a mustache twirling evil boss and Vanessa Hudgens’ turn as a do-gooder insurance agent, Kate Miccuci (Steven Universe, Nickolodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) was also spotted as a cast member. Danny Pudi (Community) plays Vanessa’s bumbling if well-meaning sidekick friend.

While we would ordinarily link to the trailer at this point, NBC has been deleting them as fast as we can source them. An enterprising Google search might turn it up, or one could wait until it releases on NBC’s official YouTube channel.