Project Ara

Project Ara

Revealed in more detail at the recent Google I/O, Google‘s ground-breaking modular smartphone platform Project Ara, gets an official lift-off. Google has opened its doors to developers for its first development boards.

Google released an open-source MDK during Google I/O and with the developer boards, developers can begin prototyping and developing their own modules for Ara. Anything from camera, antennas, batteries, processors can be latched on to the Project Ara board.

A request form is available online and the first round of applications is expected to close in two days’ time (July 17). Only one application per company is permitted.

If you’re from Cuba, Iran, North Korea or Syria, you’re out of luck, sorry.

Dev boards will start to ship to approved applicants in late July. If you’ve missed the cut, there will be another round of applications  from July 18 to August 17.

Project Ara, IMHO is immensely intriguing and I personally hope that developers will embrace the platform fully so we can see some real commercialised versions in the market soon.  Yummeh.

Source: TNW