A17513-1371735471.1439245777Sega recently announced the main cast and staff that will be working on Phantasy Star Online 2 The Animation. Recently, in a Arks Festival stage event, they had revealed their first promotional video for the upcoming anime. The video showcases the three main characters and their voice actors as well as some plot details and side characters. The main characters are Itsuki Tachibana who is voiced by Shouta Aoi (Daiki Tomii in Shōnen Hollywood – Holly Stage for 49), Rina Izumi who is voiced by Ayaka Suwa (Tōka Yada in Assassination Classroom) and Aika Suzuki voiced by M.O.A (Yūri from School-Live!).

Sega also revealed some plot details as all the characters shown in the video are all high school students and are Phantasy Star Online 2 players in a near future on Earth.

Hopefully, the animation will not follow too closely to Sword Arts Online or the .Hack series.

via Anime News Network

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