Razer‘s revealed their Project Valeries gaming laptop, which isn’t their average Razer Blade type-offering. Instead it has the ability to expand to a three-display setup at a button-press.

Having a multi-monitor setup for your PC is common enough, and quite easy to put together if you have a budget. However, trying to do the same with a laptop setup isn’t nearly as easy (port limitations is just the start of your trouble) so Project Valerie pretty much tries to solve the problem.

The concept is essentially a thicker Razer Blade Pro (2016), with a set of 17.3 inch 4K IGZO displays all layered up. Should you need the extra screens, they will automatically deploy and align themselves to the main screen. Brilliant.

Of course, it isn’t a Razer these days without Chrome lighting, which also extends under the displays for that extra wow factor.

No idea how much this would be priced at, considering the Razer Blade Pro (2016) already costs a good USD$3,700 (about RM16,594 at our current exchange rate) so its estimated that this could very well be priced around the USD$5,000 range. Yikes.