Reebok x Doraemon x Atmos Sneakers

For many of us, Doraemon was one of our first brushes with anime. The lovable robot cat has been a constant form of entertainment for kids the world over for many years. So it isn’t a stretch to see that some brands would want to form a collaboration with one of the most beloved children’s character. Which is where Reebok comes in with this sneaker collaboration.

Reebok has teamed up with Japanese sneaker retailer Atmos to release this pair of furry, baby-blue Reebok Instapumps. This collaboration coincides with the release of the new Doraemon movie, Doraemon’s Adventure to the South Pole that was released in Japan on March 4.

At first glance, you’ll notice that the sneakers are partially wrapped in fur which we assume are to mimic Doraemon’s body. Combined with the garish baby blue colour, it’s pretty obvious that the sneaker is designed to look and feel like what Doraemon would be like in real life. And just to add more to the Doraemon similarities, the Pump buttons on the sneaker are encased in yellow with Doraemon’s signature bell designed on it.

Doraemon rebook instapump

For the moment, these sneakers are a Japan exclusive only at the Atmos retail outlets and are retailing at 21,600 yen (about US$190). Shoe sizes are also pretty limited as Atmos only carries up to a US size 6 in store, though you can request for sizes up to US size 12 before hand. However considering the popularity of Doraemon in Japan and the world over, and the fact that it’s a pretty exclusive collabo, it’s going to be pretty hard to cop a pair, even if you’re headed to Japan soon.

Let’s hope that some of our local specialised sneaker retailers will be able to cop a couple and we might at least be able to get our hands on it. Of course, by then, you should be prepared to pay a pretty penny for it and not the original retail price.

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