Vainglory is getting a nifty update, and the announcement has more than just patch notes!

The first tasty bit of news is that the 2017 Vainglory World Championships will be running in Singapore; where Vainglory (previously known as Kindred) first came to light. They haven’t revealed the dates and location for the tournament yet but the announcement shouldn’t be too long off.

Another great bit of news is that the latency has been improved worldwide, with Southeast Asia’s lag spikes being reduced by 35%. Here’s the breakdown of fixes:

  • Indonesia’s ping reduced by 11%
  • The Philippines overall improved by 32%
  • Thailand overall improved by 35%
  • Cambodia lag spiked reduced by 55%

They’ve also revealed a new hero, Reza, an assassin with a demon form.

On top of this, four new skins will be released, Red Rona Legendary Skin, Dire Fortress, Valkyrie Grace and Butterfly Celeste.

They’ve also reduced upgrade costs for Talents, and those who purchased them early were refunded 100% of the difference.

You can view all the details in the developer update below: