It was only a matter of time till the PlayStation 3‘s death knell actually sounded, and it seems to be sooner than we thought.

There’s only one model of PlayStation 3 currently in circulation in Japan, and the console’s Japanese product page states in Japanese that “shipments are scheduled to conclude soon” meaning that it’s days truly are numbered. But the timing seems about right.

Former Sony exec Ken Kutaragi had stated in the past that the PS3 would, in fact have a ten-year life cycle, and given that it launched in 2006, it’s already gone for longer than they planned for. It’s quite likely due to new iterations of the console and that humongous games library, but hey we can’t complain. The original PlayStation and PlayStation 2 were also discontinued after a ten-year cycle.

We don’t know how this could impact the rest of the world though, as Sony has yet to comment on the issue.