Disney‘s official Star Wars app hit Android and iOS a ways back, stuffed to the brim with all sorts of Star Wars things to keep us occupied before Star Wars: The Force Awakens starts showing in theatres. Jakku Spy is a VR experience lets you grab your Google Cardboard and dive in on the planet Jakku.

The first widely available VR experience from Star Wars, Jakku Sky was developed by ILMxLab, who are the interactive arm of the studio behind the Star Wars films. They will be releasing another nine snippets which will unlock over the next few days till the release of The Force Awakens.

All you need is a Google Cardboard to view it, or go non-VR mode and use your phone to explore the scene ala YouTube 360. The Cardboard support is official, so you can scan any “Works with Cardboard” code to get it going.

Jakku spy_menu

The experience pretty much puts you into the shoes of a Resistance secret agent on the desert world of Jakku , and you get to experience your “mission” in its full 360 glory. The start of the episode almost makes you feel like you’re rewatching A New Hope, complete with opening crawl and desert landscape. You get to watch the Millennium Falcon being persued by some smaller ships before BB-8 type drone rolls up to beam you a message and a collectible card.

There will be eight more vignettes to come over the next few weeks so don’t forget to update your Star Wars app from time to time. Just remember to use your WiFi because the updates are pretty huge.