The studio behind Genocidal Organ, Geno Studio recently announced that they are working on not one but three new television anime projects.

While the projects are yet to be named, they shared a visual for one of the three projects, as you will see below.

The url for the image does contain the word Kokkoku, which means “Moment by Moment”. That incidentally is the name of a manga by Seita Horio, and if this project is indeed the very same, this is what the story could be about:

In order to save her brother and nephew who have been kidnapped by a mysterious religious group known as the Genuine Love Society, Juri and her family cast a spell using a stone hidden by her grandfather to enter the world of stopped time known as Stasis. However, when they infiltrate the kidnapper’s base, they’re met by other people who can also move about freely. With grotesque creatures lurking about, will they be able to escape the parallel world and return to their normal lives?!

More information on the upcoming projects will be revealed on 16 October, so hang tight!