Super Drunk

The guys behind Star Trek spoof Star Drunk” have come out with a series of new shorts for your entertainment. One of a series of five shorts, Super Drunk and the following short films are acted and written by drunk people. Check it out here.

The Drunk Series is an experiment in producing screenplays while drunk; and is the brainchild of several writers from Portland. As a result, they ended up with six creations and got their cast to be near-blackout drunk during filming.

As you can imagine, the result is pretty dang hilarious. The shooting crew thankfully, aren’t actually drunk.

This particular short can be summed up in a nutshell:

“Super heroes and super villains collide in order to save or destroy the planet. Except everybody’s drunk.”

You can check out “Super Drunk” below or head on over to their YouTube channel for more “drunk” shorts, which include “Dead Drunk” and other general silliness.