Super Robot Wars V launches today, and it’s also available in English!

Launching on the same day as Super Robot Wars V in Japan, this is the second and latest title in the Super Robot Wars 25th anniversary project. The game will see many robots from different animation series for this game, while keeping a completely new original story set in a new world.

Of course, there’s new features too! The new [Extra Order] system will use ExC (Extra Count) to grand special effects to surrounding allied units that is beneficial to them but cannot be used on yourself. It also allows you to activate the [Extra Action] command that allows you to take additional moves!

ExC is accumulated by fulfilling certain conditions like leveling up your unit’s main pilot or attacing enemies on the map.

There’s also a new character named Nine who is closely tied to the System 99 OS of the VangRay prototype anti-alien weapon (which incidentally is the main character’s robot). She works alongside Soji and Chitose, the game’s main characters.


Super Robot Wars V is out now for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.


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