Iron Man sl

Superheroes have taken the world by storm. Whether it’s the ultra-successful X-Men and Avengers series’ from Marvel or the latest Batman and Superman reboots from DC, there is a huge market for superhero stories and now millions of fans around the world looking for their daily fix of action.

As with most successful brands, marketers are always looking at innovative ways of getting their product, movie or characters in the public eye by offering everything from toys and lunchboxes to sports team sponsorship and even themed slot machines.

Online casino gaming has exploded in the last few years, market leading online casinos provide a cutting edge slot gaming experience to their customers.

We’re going to take a look at the 5 best superhero slots, as well as some strategies to help you beat the casino.

Iron Man

Billionaire playboy Tony Stark kicked off the Avengers series back in 2008 with the first Iron Man movie. The action packed adventure that saw Robert Downey Junior excel in the role as Iron Man now has its own excellent slot game, complete with theming to match the enigmatic suit and reel symbols that feature characters and logos from the film. If you get bored of this slot, there are also two more Iron Man slots based on the sequels, both of which offer expanded features and further bonus rounds.

The Avengers

Iron Man returns alongside Thor, The Hulk, Hawkeye, Natasha, Captain America and Nick Fury in this brilliant slot. The scatter symbols feature images of the main characters as well as The Avengers symbols, which must be linked together to unlock free spins. Each main character also has their own free spin mini game, making this slot great for extended gameplay. Remember to limit your wager in each spin if you favour longer games, but maybe raise it if you’re feeling lucky and want to chase the jackpot.

City Life

Heroes don’t just have to be fighting machines with superpowers and City Life is certainly different. Based on a grimy night time cityscape, the main character must navigate 5 dodgy characters, avoiding being ripped off and making plenty of money in the process. The graphics are great fun and the gameplay is fast and furious, but the big benefit of City Life is the progressive jackpot. Even if someone else wins big, the pot doesn’t reset to zero, making the slot worth playing even if the jackpot has just been won. This thrilling game is exclusively available at the market leading 888casino, you must try it for yourself as you could be the next one to reap the rewards from the fabulous City Life online slot game.

The Dark Knight

Christopher Nolan’s 2nd Batman film was hailed as one of the greatest of all time. The slot game is also brilliant, with its moody theming and excellent graphics. This game features random images which pop up to reward free spins, payouts and possibly even the jackpot, so keep an eye out for two special symbols, featuring, of course, Batman himself and the terrifying Joker. With four progressive jackpots, there is plenty of money to be won on this slot, but make sure you limit the amount of money you play with, as the return to player percentage suffers slightly thanks to the larger grand prizes.

Indiana Jones

The latest movie in the series, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, may not have set critics alight but luckily there are several slot machines based on the original series that will keep Indie fans happy. The titles, named Treasure of the Incas and The Well of Souls feature main characters from the movies and of course some of the more recognisable artefacts. Both games have multiple fun bonus rounds, making gameplay more engaging and giving players a higher chance of winning big.