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Alien: Covenant sequel already in the works

Now that's fast. An Alien: Covenant sequel is already being worked on

Alien Covenant Review

Does Ridley Scott have anything worthwhile to add to the Alien legend 38 years after the original?

We rank the worst to best movies from the Alien franchise

It's "game over man" as we run through the Alien movies worst to best

New Alien: Covenant image gives us a good look at the...

Empire Online has dropped new images from Alien: Covenant, and the most prominent of which is the film's new Xenomorph, the Neomorph. The Neomorph is apparently...

The new Alien: Covenant trailer is terrifying

A brand new trailer for the upcoming Alien: Covenant movie is here, and boy they made good on their promise for scarier Xenomorphs. Previously, Fox...

New Alien: Covenant image brings us a curious hallway

Holding true to its very much H.R Giger inspired designs, the latest photo from Alien: Covenant shows us a long, ribbed hallway very reminiscent...

Alien: Covenant will apparently be “super scary” according to Fassbender

Michael Fassbender, who will be returning for the Prometheus sequel Alien: Covenant, has dropped some hints on the upcoming movie; saying that it will...

Noomi Rapace joins cast of Alien: Covenant

Making her return to the franchise after Prometheus, Noomi Rapace is back for Alien: Covenant to reprise her role as archeologist Elizabeth Shaw. While Rapace...

Alien is getting cool stuff for Alien Day, and Ellen Ripley’s...

Alien Day is headed our way this April and 20th Century Fox is going to be releasing a bunch of cool Alien-themed merch for the...

Ben Rigby joins the cast of Alien: Covenant

The latest cast member to join Ridley Scott's upcoming Prometheus/Alien film is none other than Benjamin Rigby for the sci-fi triller. Rigby (Green Eyed, Plauge, That's...

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