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Fairy Tale Dragon Cry poster

Philippine fans of Fairy Tale can rejoice as a special fan screening will be held at SM Megamall this 29 July

The first movie hasn't even been released yet and already a sequel has been confirmed for Fullmetal Alchemist

Saiyuki Reload Blast has just gotten its premiere date, as well as some new (and old) characters revealed for the upcoming anime. Saiyuki Reload Blast...

After the critical success of The Boy and the Beast, Mamoru Hosoda has his eyes set on a new Japanese animation feature, Mirai. The film will be screened...

One of the film distributors in the Philippines, Rafaella Films International - the people who brought Train to Busan to the Philippines - announced this past Tuesday that...

Clue: It's something wet *wink* *wink*
Gundam Build Fighters new anime

We finally get the title for the two new Gundam Build Fighters anime. Also a first look at the new Gunplas that will accompany them
Kuroko no Basket Last Game

Time to get your game on! Kuroko no Basket: Last Game fan screening is happening this 7 May in the Phillipines!
koe no katachi

We thought it'd never be released in the Philippines but looks like our worries are for nought. Koe no Katachi is finally being released!

Update: Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice) isn't cancelled...yet. It's just been postponed until a new release date can be set

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