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Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

We're going to get a new Ghost in the Shell anime! There's definitely going to be less controversy in this than the live-action movie

Attack on Titan just had its episode count revealed earlier this week, by way of the show's official Twitter account. The second season for the...

What if the things you wrote about actually sprang to life? this is exactly what is going on with Force of Will, which revolves...

Sometimes, movies are better left as anime. Here are the worst 5 live-action anime adaptations that were ever made
Ghost in the Shell Live Action

We have a fan event for Ghost in the Shell coming up and we want you to join us!
Reebok x Doraemon x Atmos Sneakers

Get some throwback childhood feels with these Doraemon inspired sneakers from Reebok
gunpla expo philippines main

Looks like the Philippines will be getting its first Gunpla Expo

We know that the 2020 Olympics will be happening in Tokyo in about three years time, but they're already getting ready for the anime...
Anime to watch 2017

What are the most anticipated anime to watch this 2017? We’ve come up with a list of 10 upcoming anime that you’ll truly have to pay attention to
Jimmy Choo Code Geass shoes 1

Fashion design legend Jimmy Choo has designed a pair of Code Geass inspired shoes and we soooo want one!

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