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More details on the anime adaptation of light novel, Overlord

An anime where the main character is big bad guy in fantasy setting. Very intriguing and should be fun to watch?

Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda trailer is out

The main staff from 2011 sleeper hit anime, AnoHana reunited for another effort to tug our heartstrings and making a fully grown man bawling again.

Sore ga Seiyuu! anime confirmed

A story about voice actress in anime industry is going adapted to be anime itself. How is that for fourth wall feel?

Ghost in the Shell singer Origa passes away

The Russian singer who gave us the haunting vocals in some of Yokko Kanno's Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone complex tracks has passed on

Plastic Memories: Coming Soon!

Writer of Steins;Gate and illustrator of Infinite Stratos collaborating on a new series

Arslan Senki gets second trailer

New trailer and visual key for highly anticipated fantasy epic by Full Metal Alchemist mangaka is up. Will it do the series justice?

New trailer and key visual for Psycho-Pass the Movie is out

New trailers, visual key and more information of the new visual novel game based on the Psycho-Pass world is released. What is your colour today?

Knights of Sidonia is back for second season

Tsutomu Nihei's work is receiving more love this year, namely a movie and Second Season of the Knights of Sidonia

First Impressions: Absolute Duo (Winter 2015)

My first impressions of new anime, Absolute Duo.

New details on Ghost in the Shell Arise movie emerge

Ghost in the Shell fans are in for a treat as the Arise series is not done yet. And it is the 25th anniversary for the franchise too.