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One Punch Man anime has a new visual key

A very funny manga is confirmed to have an anime series soon. It certainly packs a punch.

First trailer for Triage X is ready

Perhaps unapologetic in using fan service and guns to get people to watch it, expect nothing more than bombastic and loud series about sexy nurses killing bad people.

Latest “Project Itoh” theatrical anime teaser is up

A new Tweet showing new teaser for Project Itoh's three animated movies.

Assassination Classroom is ready for the 3DS

Get ready to kill Koro-Sensei in Namco Bandai's latest 3DS game.

Aria is back for more healing feels

The famous slice-of-life sci fi series Aria is back to soothe feelings once more.

Second season of Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru?

A sleeper hit last year, the anime series got enough sales to gun for second season. Maybe.

Yamada-Kun and the Seven Witches set to do its magic in April

The famous manga series is finally getting the anime series treatment after live action TV and one-shot OAD. Is magic is bewitching enough for the coming season?

A mysterious site with a strange promise?

What could it be that it is so obscure and mysterious? Even reading source code of the site drops little hint as to what is going on.

New anime Narudoma based on free online comic is on the way

Free online manga which is a hit with its subscribers is now coming to anime world. Will it able to charm the rest of the crowd?

Casting and staff for Arslan Senki confirmed

We knew the names of the casting and staff of the highly anticipated fantasy anime epic. Are they able to measure up to the enormous task ahead?