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Attack on Titan x Adidas

Go full on Survey Corps with these Adidas exercise shirts

These Attack on Titan sportsware is the must for any aspiring member of the Survey Corps

A new Japanese Godzilla Movie is coming in 2016

Japan is finally making a new Godzilla movie after 12 years and you're going to jump when you read who's directing it

TGS 2015: New gameplay trailer for Koei’s Attack on Titan

TGS 2015 saw the debut of gameplay vid for Koei Tecmo's Attack on Titan Musou

We review/rant about the new Attack on Titan live action movie

We find out first hand whether or not the Attack on Titan live action is worth a watch.

Malaysians can now catch some awesome anime on iFlix

Otaku's rejoice! You can now binge watch anime on iFlix

Koei Tecmo announces a new Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan game

New game based on popular anime/manga franchise by makers of Musou/Warriors folks is a towering marvel

Live action Shingeki no Kyojin features a dramatic new trailer

A more dramatic and action packed trailer is just out for live action adaptation of the famous manga.

New trailer and posters for the live action Attack on Titan

Here's more live-action Attack on Titan goodies for you. A new teaser trailer and posters!

Here’s a first glimpse of the live action Attack on Titan movie

Squeal with delight anime fans. We've got a first glimpse on what the live action Attack on Titan movie is going to look like

Live action Attack on Titan movie character posters revealed

Posters of cast in live action Attack on Titan unveiled