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Six fighters and three stages set for the first beta of Street Fighter V

Capcom reveals detailed information on the first beta of Street Fighter V and possibly another familiar face from Brazil...

Capcom rolls out two more fighters and beta plans for Street Fighter V

Cammy and Birdie joining the fight and Capcom clarifies their plans for beta rollout

Check out the V-System of Street Fighter V

Capcom showing the core mechanics of the upcoming chapter of Street Fighter, with emphasis on the V-System.

Newly announced Monster Hunter X is set for end of this year

A new Monster Hunter game has been announced by Capcom and it looks pretty monstrous.

Free goodies for players with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Capcom is lending a much needed hand to beleaguered hunters

M.Bison is back for Street Fighter 5


Check out these vids of Vergil and Trish in Devil May Cry 4: Special...

Watch Trish and Vergil trash their foes in a new gameplay videos uploaded by Capcom

Charlie Nash is back in Street Fighter V

Guile's old friend is back for the new chapter of Street Fighter and is sporting a new look plus a new fighting style too.

Capcom confirms Street Fighter V is on its way

Capcom's long popular fighting game is getting its 5th installment. Are you ready for next challenge?