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Anime on Ice – Empire City, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Malaysia National Ice Skating Stadium (MYNISS) in collaboration with Comic Fiesta brings you “Anime On Ice” Event, a first ever anime, artist and cosplay gathering in Malaysia’s very own Olympic-regulated ice rink.
nubou uematsu earthbound papas cf 2017-1

Earthbound Papas and legendary composer Nobuo Oematsu are coming to CF!

Holy Cow! Earthbound Papas are going to perform at Comic Fiesta 2017 and they're bringing along composer Nobuo Uematsu for their first ever Malaysian...
comic fiesta 2017 splash

Comic Fiesta 2017 ticket prices revealed

Comic Fiesta has just revealed ticket prices for this year's convention, alongside this year's swag bag!Well, swag cube technically, which comes with a special...
Comic Fiesta 2016 Cosplays

Check out our Comic Fiesta 2016 cosplay video

Check out some of the coolest cosplays from Comic Fiesta 2016

Comic Fiesta 2016: The Good and the Bad

Comic Fiesta 2016 has come and gone, and like all conventions, there's always stuff that we absolutely love (and kinda dislike) about it. So...

Malaysia’s biggest Pokemon celebration is heading our way!

Pokemon Sun and Moon will be launching later this month, and to commemorate the occasion the biggest Pokemon launch party in the country will...

Comic Fiesta 2016 tickets are now available!

Comic Fiesta 2016 tickets are now available! and they'll be having a special preview sale at AniManGaki 2016! Check out the details here.Aside from...

Comic Fiesta 2016 venue and dates confirmed!

No more mystery as to where and when Comic Fiesta is going to be this year, as they've officially unveiled the next venue for...

4 things Comic Fiesta 2015 could have done better

Not too long back we posted about the four things we seriously loved about Comic Fiesta 2015, and now we're here to talk about...

4 Things that Comic Fiesta 2015 got right

Comic Fiesta 2015 has rolled on by and boy was it an event! Here are some of things we feel Comic Fiesta got right this year