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New members replacing the departed Malaysian players in Team Fnatic.

The jury is in and some players are out

Now players can have custom matches with any combination of players up to 24 players total

Team Fnatic eliminated in first round of the lower bracket against Team Virtus.Pro

The only time you get to watch eSports in a cinema!

Now who said eSports isn't a mainstream sporting event?

Big, cool millions ready for the winner of this year's The International.

E-sports never look so exciting and big as this one in Malaysia or South East Asia in general. Big prize money means big time exposure and interest for sure.

Grab your popcorn and maybe that Blizzard plushie of yours. We've got 5 full documentaries for you to watch on YouTube

You know DOTA 2 has hit the mainstream hard when a major sports channel like ESPN has decided to take notice

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