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Na’vi disbands their DOTA 2 squad

Legendary Ukrainian e-sports team Na'vi has announced the dissolution of their current DOTA 2 squad after a string of disappointing performances this year. The team's TI5 performance this year...

The annual Mountain Dew “Dew Challenge” is back!

You heard us right, Mountain Dew is holding one of Malaysia's largest amateur DoTA 2 and Hearthstone tourneys with RM 180,000 worth of prizes...

Team Fnatic has a new player line-up

New members replacing the departed Malaysian players in Team Fnatic.

Fnatic is now three players short

The jury is in and some players are out

Valve reveals 10 vs 10 matches for Dota 2 Reborn

Now players can have custom matches with any combination of players up to 24 players total

Team Fnatic crashes out in first round of TI5

Team Fnatic eliminated in first round of the lower bracket against Team Virtus.Pro

TGV to host the Dota 2 International 5 PubStomp

The only time you get to watch eSports in a cinema!

Astro to broadcast DOTA 2 Championships live

Now who said eSports isn't a mainstream sporting event?

The prize money for the TI Dota 2 Championship has hit...

Big, cool millions ready for the winner of this year's The International.

Major All Stars Dota 2 Tournament happening soon in Malaysia

E-sports never look so exciting and big as this one in Malaysia or South East Asia in general. Big prize money means big time exposure and interest for sure.

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