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Overwatch League rewards away skins

The Overwatch League All-Access Pass rewards are now available

Signed up for the Overwatch League All-Access Pass? You can now redeem all twelve of the away Overwatch skin in-game
Selangor Cyber Games 2017

The Selangor Cyber games is back for its fourth year

The Selangore Cyber Games is back for its fourth year running and this time, there's a RM180,000 prize pool!

DeadlyKittens e-Sports team acquired by Zenway Productions

Singaporean e-Sports team DeadlyKittens has just been acquired by Zenway Productions, having recently coming in with top placements in the last few major tourneys...
Celcom Game hero

RM1 million prize money up for grabs with Celcom Game Hero

RM 1,000,000 prize money up for grabs!
League of Legends

League of Legends Continues To Dominate Dota 2 in the US

DOTA 2 might be grabbing all the headlines but it seems League of Legends is starting to dominate in the US MOBA gaming scene
ESL ONE Genting 2017

ESL One Genting 2017: Day 1 Round-Up

Today is the first day of the ESL One Genting 2017 tourney and boy was it a day. With anticipated match-ups among a bunch...
CS:GO Minor Asia 2016

Team TyLoo wins the CS:GO Minor Championship ASIA 2016

After an intense 3 days of CS:GO battling, the winners for the CS:GO Minor Championship ASIA 2016 has been crowned
ESL ONE Genting 2017

Resorts World Genting announces ESL One Genting Dota 2 tourney

e-Sports are seriously taking off now with how fast the industry is growing, even for us. Resorts World Genting is collaborating with ESL to...

Malaysia to host first ever Asean E-Sports Games 2016!

Malaysia is set to host the first ever Asean E-Sports Games 2016, with RM1,000,000 prize money up for grabs this March! Details inside.Electronic Sports...
Malaysia Cyber Games

Team Taring: Does a national Dota 2 team make sense?

Malaysia will soon have it's first nationally backed DOTA 2 team. However, will it really work here in our countries environment?