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Star Wars Battlefront's successor is on its way, as announced by Electronic Arts today. The sequel for Battlefront has apparently been in discussion since the...

Vampire fans rejoyce! The latest content pack for The Sims 4 brings Vampire sims and a whole new world to unleash them in. Forgotten Hollow,...

EA's Origin Access has finally hit Malaysia, letting local gamers play as many games (as listed by EA) as they want for a monthly...

In recognizing the growing relevance of women soccer, EA sports is featuring them like never before in the FIFA series

One of the most powerful players in gaming industry is flexing its muscle at E3 2015. It is good enough?

Speed fiends, take notice! The good ol' NFS is back!

Looking forward to climb buildings and jump between high rises soon with the sequel of Mirror's Edge.

The Open Beta for Battlefield: Hardline is coming soon. Can it live it up to the franchise?

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