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Malaysia to host first ever Asean E-Sports Games 2016!

Malaysia is set to host the first ever Asean E-Sports Games 2016, with RM1,000,000 prize money up for grabs this March! Details inside.Electronic Sports...

Team Fnatic and MSI join forces in expanded partnerships

MSI and heavyweight eSports Team Fnatic have just announced a partnership between both parties, to bring both to brand new heights.For those not in...

Catch BlizzCon’s World Championships live on Astro

Heads up gamers, Astro is once again going to be televising eSports live and this time they're going to air BlizzCon's Hearthstone and StarCraft...

Evil Geniuses have taken the crown in TI5

The Eagle slays the Red Dragon for US$6.6 million prize money

A Pakistani storm is set to surge in TI5

The storm is coming and he has your name

Astro to broadcast DOTA 2 Championships live

Now who said eSports isn't a mainstream sporting event?

Blizzard bans Zeratul from professional tourneys due to bug

Serious Zeratul bug/exploit detected and Blizzard pulled the plug on Zeratul from professional circuit for now.

The prize money for the TI Dota 2 Championship has hit US$15 million

Big, cool millions ready for the winner of this year's The International.

Want to study to be a pro-gamer? Here you go

A school in Japan will offer a course in e-Sports for aspiring cyber athletes. Sounds like something out of a bad Shonen Jump manga.

Major All Stars Dota 2 Tournament happening soon in Malaysia

E-sports never look so exciting and big as this one in Malaysia or South East Asia in general. Big prize money means big time exposure and interest for sure.