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Card Captor Sakura is getting their own themed kimono set complete with sandals, iPhone cases and a themed obi clip. The kimono and obi set...
Reebok x Doraemon x Atmos Sneakers

Get some throwback childhood feels with these Doraemon inspired sneakers from Reebok
Jimmy Choo Code Geass shoes 1

Fashion design legend Jimmy Choo has designed a pair of Code Geass inspired shoes and we soooo want one!
BAPE x Dragonball 2016

Time to dress up and get your Kamehameha on with the new BAPE x Dragonball collaboration
Fashion brands and video games

You know video games are big business when fashion brands start collaborating with them. Here are a few partnerships that have happened so far

Sailor Moon fans rejoice! Now you get to carry a piece of your favourite sailor senshi.

Our favourite Big Bot gets a repaint in this collaboration with BAPE

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