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We take a look at some of the more prominent films and media influence by Mamoru Oshii's classic 1995 anime Ghost in the Shell.
Top manga to read in 2017

2017 is here and there's plenty of new manga to be read. We pick 10 of which you'd really want to pay attention to this year
King Kong Main

With Kong: Skull Island hitting theatres soon, we take a look at the history of cinema's king of the apes, King Kong
Animangaki 2016

AniManGaki 2016 is just around the corner and to prepare you for one of the biggest conventions of the year, here is our AniManGaki...

Need to figure out the convoluted universe of the Star Trek series? We've prepared an ultimate Star Trek Timeline to help you
Pokemon Go Malware

Beware where you download your Pokemon GO APK from as you might get more than you can chew. Here's how to check if you've been infected

A new season and there's new anime in tow. So here is our list of top anime to watch for spring 2016

Comic Fiesta 2015 has rolled on by and boy was it an event! Here are some of things we feel Comic Fiesta got right this year
Trade Federation Phantom Menace

The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) or TPP could have wide ranging repercussions for geeks and otakus if it becomes law. Here's 5 of them

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