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Winter 2016 anime

The Winter 2016/2017 season is here and with it comes a whole bunch of anime. Here are all the returning ones for the season

Too many anime to watch this Fall 2016 season? Here's our pick for the 10 anime you'll have to catch for the season
Fall 2016 anime returning

Wondering what anime is coming back this Fall 2016? We have the list for you
Pokemon GO test THG

Get be bothered getting off your butts to play Pokemon GO? Here's how you can enjoy the game from the comfort of your bed
The Top 10 Sports Anime - THG

With the summer Olympics just round the corner, we decided to list down the top 10 sports anime to get you in the competitive mood of the games

Star Trek Beyond, docks at cinemas later this month, so here's our list of the top 5 and worst 5 Star Trek films across the franchise .
pokemon go

No newly released app is perfect and that goes for Pokemon GO as well. We compiled a list of known issues that the app has

As a new Ghostbusters film graces cinema screens this month, we take a look back at the franchise in all it's forms

After recent unpopular changes to Captain America's backstory we take a look back at 5 awful changes to classic characters that were forgotten almost immediately.

Summer 2016 is here and with it, a bunch of new anime. Can't figure what to watch? We've picked the best anime to watch for the season!