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What Makes League of Legends So Great?

There's no denying League of Legends popularity so here's a look at how it got to where it is today

5 things I loved and hated about the ASUS ROG Champion’s Cup

The ASUS ROG Champion's Cup has been won but we've got a few things to say about the event itself
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ASUS announces their League of Legends, ROG Champions Cup tournament in Malaysia

Time to brush up on your LoL skillz as ASUS has just announced their ROG Champions Cup tournament with RM60k worth of cash and prizes on the line

Riot to combat toxic League of Legends players by denying loot

League of Legends developer Riot Games continues to push against what it calls "toxic players", and will lock out such gamers from their loot...

These League of Legends figures are ridiculously cute

The first wave of the official League of Legends four inch vinyl figures cometh, in their super-cute glory.