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Enter Amonkhet: Magic the Gathering’s next block drops 28 April

Fresh off Kaladesh, the Gatewatch arrives in Amonkhet, starting off the first set of the Amonkhet block. Welcome to Amonkhet, where death is everything. The...

Magic Duels Kaladesh release launches 28 September

With the Kaladesh block officially launching 30 September, Magic Duels will also be getting an update a couple of days earlier. More details after...

Magic The Gathering: Eldritch Moon comes 22 July

The latest expansion for Magic The Gathering is hitting pre-release this weekend, are you ready to command your horde of zombies and vampires against...

Magic Duels: Shadows over Innistrad hits tomorrow!

 The next expansion for Magic: The Gathering, Magic: Duels is here and it features the recently launched Shadows over Innistrad set. The game just...

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