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Hinowa Conquers main

Akame Ga Kill sequel Manga gets a story outline

More details on the Hinowa ga Yuku!, the Akame ga Kill sequel manga is out!
Komori and Tenma manga

Gempak Starz is translating Komori & Tenma Manga to Malay

The shoujo manga Komori and Tenma is being licensed in Malaysia by Gempak Starz

The Berserk Manga is back as a monthly series this month

The Berserk manga has returned, and will be a monthly from here on out

HunterxHunter is back from hiatus!

You heard that right, Yoshihiro Togashi's HunterxHunter manga is finally coming out of hiatus!Before the manga went into hiatus, HunterxHunter was on their "Dark...