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Tora Aman Doraemon

Long beloved Malaysian publisher and translator of Manga, Tora Aman, might be closing its doors soon
Komori and Tenma manga

The shoujo manga Komori and Tenma is being licensed in Malaysia by Gempak Starz
Top manga to read in 2017

2017 is here and there's plenty of new manga to be read. We pick 10 of which you'd really want to pay attention to this year
Winter 2016 anime

Musim sejuk dah tiba dan dengannya, berbagai-bagai lagi anime untuk ditonton. Di sini kami senaraikan semua anime yang telah dapati musim baru untuk anda enjoy!

It's recently been announced that Marvel's Doctor Strange will be getting its own one-shot prequel manga. The announcement came in the 52nd issue of Kodansha's...

After their successful collaboration with Shueisha's Shonen Jump+, Medibang is now teaming up with Koadansha to launch the next big manga contest that might...

Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto has not only confirmed that he's already got his next project in the works, but says that he might actually...
Bleach ends

It looks like Tite Kubo's Bleach will be ending even earlier than expected
One Piece Manga

One Piece publisher Shueisha says nope, not happening on rumours that the manga will be headed to a monthly serialisation instead of a weekly one

Yuma Ando and Masahi Asaki's Psychometer spinoff manga Debusen is getting the live-action treatment, and will be adapted into a six episode series for Hulu. The news...

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