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game of thrones japanese covers

Check out these covers for the Japanese translated Game of Thrones...

You'd wish these were actual mangas instead of translated books when you see the covers of these Game of Thrones books
Batman and Justice League Manga

The Justice League is getting a Manga series!

Ever wondered what the Justice League would look like if they were illustrated manga style? Wonder no more
Hinowa Conquers main

Akame Ga Kill sequel Manga gets a story outline

More details on the Hinowa ga Yuku!, the Akame ga Kill sequel manga is out!

Geeks and Otakus unite as Justice League is getting a manga...

Have you ever woke up one day and thought to yourself, "I wonder what it'll be like if Batman and gang were Japanese." Well,...

The official Splatoon manga is finally going English

The official Splatoon manga is getting it's English release later this year, as confirmed by publisher Viz Media. Running since 2015 in Japan's Corocoro Comic...

The Fairy Tail manga is ending in 10 chapters

Looks like the end is in sight for Hiro Mashima's Fairy Tail manga, as it's just been announced that the serialization will end in...
Tora Aman Doraemon

Could Malaysia’s Tora Aman be closing down after its 24 year...

Long beloved Malaysian publisher and translator of Manga, Tora Aman, might be closing its doors soon
Komori and Tenma manga

Gempak Starz is translating Komori & Tenma Manga to Malay

The shoujo manga Komori and Tenma is being licensed in Malaysia by Gempak Starz
Top manga to read in 2017

10 manga you should read in 2017

2017 is here and there's plenty of new manga to be read. We pick 10 of which you'd really want to pay attention to this year
Winter 2016 anime

Senarai anime yang akan kembali sepanjang Musim Sejuk 2016/2017

Musim sejuk dah tiba dan dengannya, berbagai-bagai lagi anime untuk ditonton. Di sini kami senaraikan semua anime yang telah dapati musim baru untuk anda enjoy!