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RWBY Amity Arena Promo Art

RWBY’s mobile game, Amity Arena pre-registration has started

RWBY hits the mobile gaming scene with RWBY: Amity Arena
Wonder Woman AOV

Wonder Woman is coming to Garena’s AOV

DC's Wonder Woman is finally coming to Garena's AOV Southeast Asian server, Valiant
Call of Duty: Black Ops image

Looks like a mobile version of Call of Duty: Black Ops is in the...

A recruitment page in King Digital Entertainment points to a possible Call of Duty: Black Ops mobile game being developed

Nintendo delays Animal Crossing mobile for Fire Emblem Heroes

The Animal Crossing mobile game we've been waiting for has been just pushed aside by Nintendo to make way for Fire Emblem Heroes.Animal Crossing...

Asiasoft launches their first PuzzleRPG, Puzzle Guardians

AsiaSoft has just brought in Puzzle Guardians, their very first PuzzleRPG under their umbrella of games. Check out the details here!A combination of an...
Pokemon Go Faraday cage THG

Niantic Labs is perma-banning Pokemon Go cheater accounts

It's official, Niantic Labs is now throwing out permanent bans to Pokemon Go accounts that are very clearly cheating.The news came via a blogpost...
Pokemon go main pic

Legit Pokemon Go users getting banned due to bug

With Niantic swinging down the banhammer for all those who were spoofing, hacking or otherwise finding ways to cheat on Pokemon Go, now those...