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The Power Rangers reboot is looking like it has some of the most diverse cast yet, with Billy Cranston/Blue Ranger to be a character...

Looks like Robert Downey Jr. will be played a different sort of Doctor as he's just been cast for the lead role in the...

Power Rangers' director hints that Yellow Ranger might be gay. We hope there won't be an indefinite postponement of the movie in Malaysia after this news
Lotus Five Star Cinemas Kuala Terengganu

Kuala Terengganu residents finally get a cineplex after 18 years. There's no segregation but there'll be CCTVs in the hall though

Aquaman has had its release date pushed back a couple of months, setting the show to open in December as opposed to its original...

We're but a few months away from Spider-Man: Homecoming's release, and what looks to be last-minute reshoots are under way. This was confirmed by actress...

Beauty and the Beast has not been shelved or cancelled people. It's still postponed until a new release date can be announced
Nazri tourism minister

Malaysia's Tourism and Culture Minister rubbishes the postponement of this "Tale as old as time"

The live-action Beauty and the Beast remake has had it's Malaysian release date postponed for the moment. Let's hope we get a new release date soon

The new trailer has brand new footage and a surprise visit at the end. Check it out here! Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 's...

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