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As a die-hard fan of Edgar Wright's movies, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, The World's End and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World as...

Somewhere in the first act of the movie, James McAvoy’s Percival holds a bottle of whiskey and says, “This came directly out of Virgin...

Nolan may not be my favourite director working today; that prize goes to David Fincher - The Social Network, Seven - and most recently,...

In This Corner of the World isn't your typical anime. It doesn't have elastic pirates, a kid that can turn into a giant ape,...

Does whatever a spider can, for the sixth time in 15 years, now with Tom Holland under the mask and a whole new supporting cast!

Okja is the kind hearted fable of a girl and her giant super-pig, albeit one with some very dark veins running through it.

Oh god, oh god, please make it stop! No more Transformer movies please!

This latest reboot of The Mummy franchise is Universal Studios attempt to marry together the Tom Cruise Summer blockbuster with their back catalogue of movie...

DC/Warner Bros. have beaten Marvel to the punch with its first, female-led superhero film with Wonder Woman, and have also created a hugely enjoyable film

Captain Jack Sparrow is back in his sixth adventure but is there anything new left to say about the age of piracy?

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