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This latest reboot of The Mummy franchise is Universal Studios attempt to marry together the Tom Cruise Summer blockbuster with their back catalogue of movie...

DC/Warner Bros. have beaten Marvel to the punch with its first, female-led superhero film with Wonder Woman, and have also created a hugely enjoyable film

Captain Jack Sparrow is back in his sixth adventure but is there anything new left to say about the age of piracy?

Colossal just might be one of the best Kaiju movies ever made. Full disclosure, though. I've never really been a fan of monster movies. Kong: Skull...

Can Guy Ritchie reforge the Arthurian legend as he did so successfully with Sherlock Holmes?
Beauty and the Beast Live action

Beauty and the Beast, Disney's latest live-action adaptation of one of their animated classics, has caused quite the stir in Malaysia, with its status...

Has director Gareth Edwards met the high standard set by The Force Awakens, or is Rogue One: A Star Wars Story just another "awful Star Wars prequel"?

Kate Beckinsale dons her skin-tight, PVC, death dealers outfit once again in Underworld: Blood Wars, but after 4 middling movies in the series does...

The hideous Trolls are back! This time in animated form. Can they reach the "heights" achieved The Smurfs movies or do they miss even that low bar?

Laika's latest stop-motion adventure, Kubo and the Two Strings is a hugely enjoyable fantasy adventure packed to the gills with action and humour

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