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New Neko Atsume trailer reveals more cast, more cats

There's a new trailer out for Neko Atsume no Ie, and it reveals more characters and more cats! For those not in the know, Neko...
Live action anime manga 2017

Here’s the top 10 live-action anime/manga adaptations to watch this 2017

All hyped up for these manga/anime to movie adaptations that will be rolling out in the coming year? We've put together a list of...

Looks like Neko Atsume will be getting a live-action movie

Seemingly out of the aether, comes news that there is a live-action Neko Atsume movie in the works. Details are pretty limited at the moment, but most...
Neko Atsume

Want some Neko Atsume plushies? order them here!

People are absolutely crazy over Neko Atsume and the merch is kinda hard to come by, but this dude here is taking orders for...

World’s first Neko Atsume pop up store hits Hong Kong

People are pretty crazy over Neko Atsume (or Cat Collector if you follow the english release) which is a simple, cute smartphone app that...
Kamen Rider Atsume

You can now collect Kamen Rider, Neko Atsume style

If you enjoyed Neko Atsume and are a big fan of Kamen Rider, you now get to attract and "collect" the riders in the...
neko atsume

Love Neko Atsume? now there’s toys for that

Love Neko Atsume? now you can have your cute cats for real!