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New Death Note clip has L confronting Light

Netflix' Death Note has a brand new clip, and it has L confronting Light Turner in a really familiar pose. While not all fans agree...
Astro running away meme

Don’t be a noob. It’s time to adapt or perish Astro

Oi Astro! Why should we pay top dollar for your lousy product when I can Netflix and chill?

The new Godzilla anime film trailer teases new head design for...

A pair of trailers are out for the upcoming Godzilla anime film trilogy and it seems our Godzilla has a different head design from...
Astro satellite dish

Move aside Astro! Malaysians will be getting a new pay-TV operator

A new pay-TV operator will be coming to Malaysia, possibly giving Astro a bit more competition

Shonda Rhimes is headed over to Netflix

TV series super producer Shonda Rhimes will be moving to Netflix. Be prepared for edgier Shondaland shows in the future

Netflix brings five local titles to Malaysian viewers

Netflix has just added five new Malaysian titles to its hulking library of shows, giving both Malaysians and the world the chance to enjoy...

Graham Phillips cast as fan favourite Archie comics character in Riverdale

Surprisingly, Riverdale turned out to be one of my favourite TV series of 2017, thus far. What was initially thought to be a sappy teen angst...

Netflix’s Death Note is Final Destination with a notebook

Before we actually get to the meat of the review, there are a couple of things I need to get out of the way....

Disney is starting its own streaming service

Who says we're living in the most peaceful era in human history? Not only is Daenerys Targaryen slowly going cuckoo and burning people like...
Kingsman The Secret Service

Netflix has bought Millarworld, publisher of the Kingsman and Kick-Ass comics

Netflix has just bought the comic publisher of Kick-Ass, Wanted and Kingsman: The Secret Service