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Boy oh boy, have I been looking forward to this one. The trailer for Bong Joon Ho's new film, Okja is out and it looks effing...

If you haven't signed up for Netflix yet, now would be a good time. Our favourite monster hunter Geralt is getting a series
The Defenders logo

Netflix's four Marvel superheroes have finally teamed up as The Defenders and here's why the trailer has us hyped

It's OUT! Here's the new Defenders trailer

Neflix has just ordered 20 episodes for a new animated series starring Carmen Sandiego; based on the popular children's game show and video game...
Voltron Legendary Defender Season 2

Voltron Season 3 is coming and it's THIS YEAR! There's even going to be a new villain, Prince Lotor!

Netflix's upcoming Godzilla anime series is apparently also a film trilogy, and the first movie will be opening in Japan this November. The first film...

After experiencing some setbacks when their set got burglarized a few months back, Adam Wingard's Death Note has just gotten its first trailer. The Netflix...

Netflix has yet another anime coming to its collection, with the new Devilman series to debut in Spring 2018. The new anime is called Devilman...

Netflix has just announced that they'll be bringing the King of the Monsters to their slate, with an exclusive global premiere following its theatrical release in...

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