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KFC Double Steam Chicken burger

No KFC Singapore didn’t release a Steamed Burger. It was really...

What monstrosity has KFC Singapore come up with? Who the hell wants a Double Steamed Chicken Burger

This is how much the live-action One Piece TV-show will likely...

Care to take a gander at how much the live-action One Piece is going to cost? We're talking millions, and that's only per episode
more expensive flights malaysia

Be prepared to pay more if you’re flying out of Malaysia...

A new levy and equalisation of international passenger service charges (PSC) might see the cost of travelling out of Malaysia rise
Astro satellite dish

Move aside Astro! Malaysians will be getting a new pay-TV operator

A new pay-TV operator will be coming to Malaysia, possibly giving Astro a bit more competition
McDonald's Rich Chocolate Pie main

McDonald’s Korea has launched a new chocolate pie and everyone’s going...

This McDonald's Chocolate pie is so sinful

Shonda Rhimes is headed over to Netflix

TV series super producer Shonda Rhimes will be moving to Netflix. Be prepared for edgier Shondaland shows in the future
LEGO MacBook comparison with real thing

Japanese student builds a perfect MacBook replica out of LEGO

Can you tell which MacBook is real and which is made of LEGO?
Ribena Malaysian Recall

Batches of Malaysian Ribena recalled due to “manufacturing error”

You might want to check your Ribena and see if it's one of those that have gotten recalled. If it is, here's what to do.
Ming Tien Main entrance

Taman Megah’s Ming Tien food court will also be closing in...

Another one bites the dust. One more iconic eatery gets closed. This time its Taman Megah's Ming Tien food court

Good Smile Company reproduces Superlog’s Groot into amazing figure

Good Smile Company has faithfully recreated superlog's Groot cover art!