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Seiko x One Piece Main

This 20th Anniversary One Piece x Seiko watch is a must have for fans

The 20th anniversary of the One Piece manga is commemorated with this specially designed Seiko watch

This is how much the live-action One Piece TV-show will likely cost

Care to take a gander at how much the live-action One Piece is going to cost? We're talking millions, and that's only per episode

Hold the phone, One Piece is getting a live action adaptation?!

Looks like One Piece is next to hit the live-action bandwagon, with the popular manga and anime to get its own TV adaptation.This one...

One Piece Unlimited World Red-Deluxe Edition announced

After 1 million copies sold worldwide, Straw Hat Pirates will dock on Play Station 4 and PC with a brand new revamped version of the game this...

You can now get Brook’s Shark Guitar straight outta One Piece

If you've ever fancied Brook's crazy shark guitar from One Piece, Premium Bandai and Shimamura Music have made a perfect replica, and it's completely...
One Piece Manga

One Piece isn’t going to be a monthly manga according to publisher

One Piece publisher Shueisha says nope, not happening on rumours that the manga will be headed to a monthly serialisation instead of a weekly one

One Piece Burning Blood move sets sneak peek!

Move set for Whitebeard, Smoker, Marco, Sengoku and Joz for the upcoming One Piece Burning Blood fighting game revealed.

These One Piece cup companions cling for their lives

In the past we've talked about Star Wars and even Sailor Moon themed cup clingers and now the fun has come to the One...

One Piece: Burning Blood is confirmed for international release

One Piece: Burning Blood confirmed for the international market next year

Watch the trailers of One Piece Special of Sabo: The Three Brothers Bond

New One Piece Special is coming soon and it is featuring Sabo