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Disney's dropped a new trailer for their upcoming Cars sequel, Cars 3 and it gives us a little more insight on the story. So far, the...

Could this next Cars movie spells the beginning of the end for Lightning McQueen? this teaser seems to hint so. Video after the jump! For...

If you've ever wanted some fun shoes with a giant "Andy" scribbled under it in marker, these Toy Story themed Vans would be right...

A breakneck pace & a great cast can't quite make up for a narrowed scope and reliance on coincidence, Finding Dory doesn't quite measure up to the original.

One boy and his dog gets a prehistoric twist in the latest from Disney Pixar
disney pictures

Better start saving up for your tickets, because Disney has taken the lid off all of its movies set to come between 2017 now till...

Something magical about The Good Dinosaur from the excellent trailer.

One of the Pixar's great success, the 2004 movie The Incredibles might see a comeback. Oh joy indeed!
Gameloft Cars: Fast as Lightning

Start your engines, and turn on that Nitro!

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