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The official Power Rangers reboot Instagram revealed that they have cast Elizabeth Banks (The Hunger Games) as Rita Repulsa. Previously, they've announced Naomi Scott as...

The next season of the Power Rangers franchise has been confirmed to be titled Power Rangers Ninja Steel, set to premiere in 2017. More...
Power Rangers Blue and Yellow

After announcing the Pink, Red and Black Rangers for the Power Rangers reboot, they've now unveiled the Yellow and Blue Rangers, completing the core...

Looks like the show is on a roll, having recently cast the new Red Ranger and Black Ranger for the movie reboot that is set...
Pink Ranger found and she is Naomi Scott

The new Power Rangers flick now has a Pink Ranger, and she is none other Naomi Scott; who recently appeared in The Martian and...

Rumours of Power Rangers character names and personalities here

Extensive rumours on the Power Rangers reboot now online but how much of it is true?

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