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Psycho-Pass video game ‘Mandatory Happiness’ to receive Western release in September

The game's storyline is set in the first season of the critically acclaimed anime and borrows all the best elements from the series.The central...

Here are the top Sci-Fi anime you have to watch

Tired of all the slice of life stuff anime is offering. If you want a little bit of "science" , then here are the top Sci-Fi anime you have to watch

Malaysians can now catch some awesome anime on iFlix

Otaku's rejoice! You can now binge watch anime on iFlix

New trailer and key visual for Psycho-Pass the Movie is out

New trailers, visual key and more information of the new visual novel game based on the Psycho-Pass world is released. What is your colour today?

Psycho-Pass the Movie is a go for 2015

The surprise sleeper hit is getting a theatrical release in 2015. We can't wait!