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Razer music

Razer has just launched their new music portal

Yes you heard that right, Razer very recently debuted their music portal Razer Music, following the trend of the brand slowly moving away from just...

Razer will make good on Ouya’s promise to indie developers

Razer will pay up what Ouya owes to indie developers under the Free Games Initiative

[Review] Razer Seiren : A beast of the audio kind

Awesome equipment or branded gimmick? we test out the Razer Seiren to find out.

Razer unleashes a new Blade gaming notebook

Razer has just unveiled a brand new Razer Blade gaming notebook with updated internals that make it even more powerful.

Razer Kraken for Xbox One is up

Razer heard the pleas of Xbox One gamers and decided to answer them with the Kraken

ESports documentary series by Razer coming soon

The series about lives and deeds of cyber warriors by Razer

Razer has unleashed the Leviathan Sound Bar

Razer now has its own soundbar and it's called the Leviathan

Razer unveils a games discount tracker app called Cortex

Cortex gives your inner deal finder a leg up by tracking all the deals and discounts from multiple online stores