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The greatest american hero

ABC’s Greatest American Hero reboot to star female Indian-American lead

Remember that ABC reboot for The Greatest American Hero? seems like they're giving the show a pretty big twist in casting for their main...

ReBoot remake reveals cast photo and new CG image

ReBoot's revival is looking to be rolling along smoothly, and they've released the first image of the cast as well as an image of...
Adventures of Mana

Adventures of Mana is heading to mobile, will have English release

Final Fantasy Adventure, or Adventures of Mana,  the first in the Mana franchise is heading to the mobile platform from the Game Boy, and...

M.Night Shyamalan is rebooting Tales from the Crypt

Another reboot is crawling out from the grave; as M.Night Shyamalan is digging out a reboot for Tales from the Crypt.Tales from the Crypt...
The greatest american hero

The Greatest American Hero is getting a reboot

The '80s superhero cult classic, The Greatest American Hero is making a comeback on Fox network. Now a new generation of people will get...

Red and Black Ranger have been cast for the Power Rangers movie reboot

Looks like the show is on a roll, having recently cast the new Red Ranger and Black Ranger for the movie reboot that is set...
James Wan to direct MacGyver reboot?

There’s gonna be a MacGyver reboot with James Wan?

James Wan is rebooting MacGyver for CBS and relives the good ol' 80's vibe.

Will Smith is rebooting The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

The reboot will give a new spin to the story while keeping to the spirit of the original