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Oculus VR releases open source mobile development kit

The company is hoping for wider adoption of its VR tech by making its mobile development kit public

Rumours about Samsung GALAXY S6 in detail

64-bit. Lollipop. Could things be sweeter for the rumoured S flagship?

Samsung develops faster Wi-Fi tech

Samsung announces a new Wi-Fi standard that promises to be the fastest that money can buy in the market soon. How fast? Let's check it out.

Samsung Galaxy Alpha comes to Malaysia

Samsung ditches the plastic for a stylish metal frame with their new smartphone the Galaxy Alpha

Samsung goes virtual reality with its new Gear VR

This headset will transform the Galaxy Note 4 into a virtual reality displaying machine. How's that for innovation?

Samsung unveils not 1 but 2 new Galaxy Notes

Sammy's surprised us with a double whammy of Notes. We expected their Note 4 but now it's also unveiled the audaciously curved screen Note Edge

[IFA 2014] Samsung to unpack GALAXY Note 4 in Berlin, Beijing, New York

The world's best phablet is about to be UNPACKED at IFA 2014.

Samsung’s Gear S is a stand alone 3G smartwatch

Calling Dick Tracy, calling Dick Tracy. Looks like Samsung has a new watch phone for you

Is the LG G3 getting a stylus?

Looks like LG is going to pull a Samsung by giving their G3 a stylus

HP joins the smartwatch fray

Looks like HP wants in on the whole smartwatch gig, and they might be getting Michael Bastian to design it