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Girl GEneration Holiday night

Is K-Pop super group Girls Generation / SNSD disbanding?

After celebrating their 10th-anniversary it seems like the hugely popular K-Pop girl group, Girls' Generation/ SNSD might be disbanding
Train To Busan Poster

Train to Busan Review

Can "Train To Busan" possibly live up to the bold standards set by South Korean classics like The Host, Old Boy, and Snowpiercer? We find out

Samsung devs robot factory that is cheaper than Chinese workers

The South Korean government is keenly aware that China is catching up on hi-tech consumer gadgets such as smartphones, which awarded Samsung a massive investment to...

Check out these Black Desert Online character designs

Pretty, very pretty indeed.

NCSoft introducing Project HON

South Korean mecha action game is coming soon

SK Broadband introducing 10Gbps internet service

Are you always in hurry? Perhaps SK Broadband can help you with its new 10Gbps service.