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Survive the horrific night at school in The Coma

A Korean horror game is coming to haunt you soon thru Steam

Steam accounts get hijacked via security loophole

Valve's famous Steam service suffered a major password loophole security lapse

Magic Duels : Origins to focus on Planeswalkers, will be launching in July

Oh, did we mention the game is absolutely free?

Batman: Arkham Knight sales on Steam is grinding to a halt

Warner Bros. Interactive and Rocksteady Studio is facing a massive crisis on the PC front

Hang on to your wallets Steam Summer sale is expected to hit 11 June

Steam's biggest sale is on it's way so prepare your wallets

Introducing Steam Link, the new streaming hardware by Valve

Valve announcing new Steam Link and Source 2, possibly a revolutionary gaming device or just another gold plated dud. Time will tell.

Valve’s VR headset and Steam Controller to be revealed

Steam will be showing off a new SteamVR hardware system at the Games Developers Conference in San Fran come March

Five Nights at Freddy’s Part Three is coming

Time to meet these cute mascots who are so friendly that they want to turn you into them, literally. Brrrrr.