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Superman: The Movie is getting a 3 hour extended cut

Superman: The Movie is getting an awesome extended cut, and it's going to run for a whopping three hours.If you don't recall Superman: The...
XXRay By Mighty Jaxx

Here are the winners of our XXRAY by Mighty Jaxx giveaway!

Congratulations to all our winners. We hope you enjoy your awesome new figurines!

Superman sequel, Man of Steel 2 is finally in the works

Warner Bros. has finally began work on the Superman sequel, Man of Steel 2 despite the poor box office reviews.Fans have been hoping for...

SDCC: Doomsday Funko POP! is going to be a con exclusive

SDCC is getting an iconic Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice villain turned into a con exclusive, and this will be none other than Doomsday, condensed...

Tyler Hoechlin is Supergirl’s Man of Steel

Tyler Hoechlin (Teen Wolf) has been selected to play Superman in CW's Supergirl and is to guest star in Season 2.He will be making...

The badass R-rated Batman V Superman trailer has arrived

If you've been waiting for the R-Rated trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, you'll find it right here!For those not in the...

Powerless trailer leaked online – cameos from Hawkman, Luthor, namedrops other DC comics legends.

Billed as a The Office style comedy in the world of DC Comics, Powerless has a trailer circulating online, but no official, HD release from...
DC Comics in Malay

You’ll soon be able to read DC comics in Malay

Ever wondered what your favourite DC Superheroes would look like speaking in Malay? Now you won't have to as we'll soon be getting DC...

A pilot is in the works for a Superman prequel called Krypton

The TV series Krypton will follow the adventures of the Man of Steel's grandfather 200 years in the past

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

Has director Zack Snyder delivered the Batman/Superman movie everybody wants? In a word, no.