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Classic Akira

Thor: Ragnarok director wants Asian actors for their live-action Akira adaptation

Looks like there's hope that the upcoming live-action Akira adaptation will, in fact, be safe from whitewashing, as director Taika Waititi wants Asian actors...
Akira image

Thor: Ragnarok director in talks to direct live-action Akira movie

Looks like the live-action Akira by Warner Bros might finally head into production if this goes through

Thor: Ragnarok trailer feels like an acid trip [SDCC 2017]

I knew Thor: Ragnarok was going to be a road trip movie. But nobody told me it's going to be an ACID TRIP movie too. Before we...

Thor: Ragnarok trailer parody is hilarious

The trailer for Thor: Ragnarok was Marvel's most watched trailer in a 24 hour period. Now, the folks at AOK have spoofed that trailer and...

Watch Thor and Hulk face-off in the new Thor: Ragnarok trailer

Words cannot describe the epicness that is the new Thor: Ragnarok trailer

Thor gets a new haircut in Thor: Ragnarok, alongside new set images

Entertainment Weekly has just dropped some set images and the first look at the God of Thunder's new do for Thor's third solo adventure.The...
Blockbuster movies 2017

30 blockbuster movies to look out for in 2017

2017 has hit us, and there’s a boatload of movies coming out. Which ones are for us geeks and pop culture aficionados? Let’s find out!

Doctor Strange confirmed to appear in Thor: Ragnarok

It's finally been confirmed that Marvel's Sorcerer Supreme will in fact be showing up in Thor: Ragnarok.In a preview for D23 members of Disney's...

Check out these set shots from Thor: Ragnarok, and a possible cameo

They're hard at work filming for Thor: Ragnarok and some images have surfaced of the two Asgardians in the streets of New York City,...

SDCC 2016: Hulk’s gladiator armor spotted among Thor: Ragnarok props display

Hulk's gladiator armor has mysteriously appeared at Marvel's SDCC 2016 booth; possibly suggesting that there will be elements from Planet Hulk appearing in Thor: Ragnarok.Among...